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We do not offer refunds due to services being rendered. The time and value put into any project cannot be refunded. India Hyman Enterprise/IndiaHyman Creative Studio will eliminate the risk of you losing your money by designing your project to your satisfaction. Deposits made for projects are also non-refundable.


The turnaround of your project may very depending on the type of project. Flyers can take 2-3 business days. Websites can take 2-6 weeks. Website partial payment is due at the start of the project and 30 days after the start of the project. If the project is done before 30 days you can pay the remaining balance and receive your product before 30 days. If partial payment is not made within 30 days, the project will be deleted and no refunds will be given.


We do not offer a payment plan for flyers. It is due before the start of the project. We do offer a payment plan for web design which is half of total before the start of the project and the rest at the completion of the project. In order to receive your designs full and final payment must be made. 


We provide three free edits/revisions before the completion of your project. A sample will be sent to you for any edits/revisions. You can provide us at that time a list of edits/revisions within the realm of your project. Any revisions/edits needed after the free third edit/revision we will charge an additional $25 per edit/revision.


Please keep in mind India Hyman Enterprise/India Hyman Creative Studio has the right to advertise any work designed. We will not defame a brand's image.

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